Our Right Our Duty Level 2 (18 Hrs)

Our Right Our Duty Level 2 (18 Hrs)

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Our Right Our Duty Level 2

Everyday we hear about people getting shot, stabbed, jumped, raped, harassed, robbed, bullied and kidnapped it has become the new normal. Whenever we look at our phones or watch the news, we get a sense of uneasiness from all the crime around us.

The truth is that the majority of people are not ready for any kind of confrontation. They are not prepared and untrained to deal with any kind of an attack.

YR Street Defense has created a full civilian program that will get you prepared on how to deal with any situation that might arise. If you are ready to take ownership of your own safety and the ones you love than this course is for you!

About Our Right Our Duty Level 2 Course

You will be training with some of the most experienced instructors in Hand to Hand Combat, Shooting and Tactical First Aid.

Day 1

Situational Awareness

Part 1: Knowing what is going on around you, assessing the situation, sizing up your threats, evaluating escape routes, knowing what to do during different types of threats, understanding how your body will respond and how to control your emotions. We will teach you how to respond in the fastest and most effective way to neutralize the threat.

Part 2: We will check on your gear, setup and make sure you are ready to go.

Day 2

Part 3: Hand to Hand Combat

  • We will teach you everything you need to know on how to defend against an intruder and win the fight. Our techniques come from the most effective martial arts: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, Wrestling and Muay Thai


  1. Movements and Mechanics
  2. Striking for Combatives
  3. Self Defense Tactics
  4. Ground Fighting
  5. Weapons Disarming
  6. Weapons Retention

You will be training with some of the best Hand to Hand combat instructors in the world.


Day 3

Part 4: Pistol Training

  • We will teach you all the skills needed on how to use your pistol during real life threats. You will learn how to stay calm under pressure and have the proper mindset to neutralize the threat.
  • You will learn how to draw, shoot, reload and shoot under stress and duress.
  • You will learn how to deal with Pistol malfunctions during combat situations.

Part 5: Combat First Aid

  • How to use a tourniquet under stress
  • How to pack a wound
  • CPR

Our Right Our Duty Level One Course is open to all levels. Limited sign up availability first come first served.

Packing List:


2 shirts and pants for range day

2 shorts and shirts for combatives day

1 Rain Jacket in case of weather

1 Baseball cap


Notebook, 2 pens, flashlight, Knife


Lunches will be short, do not bring any food that needs preparation. Food should be ready to go. Also bring all the snack you want/need to munch on during training.


Bring a Gallon of water per day

Pistol & Accessories


3 Magazines

500 Rounds

Magazine Pouches

Sturdy Belt or Battle Belt

Outside the waist or Concealed Carry Holster with Retention

Shooting Eye Protection  

Shooting Ear Protection