Basic Pistol Course  06/04/22 (12pm to 4pm)

Basic Pistol Course 06/04/22 (12pm to 4pm)

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This course is approximately 4 hours long and includes both a classroom component and live fire exercises on the range. Basic Pistol is designed for the beginner shooter as well as anyone who may have some experience with a handgun, but has never learned the fundamentals of handgun marksmanship the right way.

In Basic Pistol, students learn rules for safe gun handling. Students will learn the operation of a semi-automatic pistol. They will learn the different parts of the pistol and their operation. They will be taught the different types of ammunition and the manner in which ammunition functions. Students will also learn how to safely clean their pistol and responsibly store their firearms in their home or vehicle.

As for live fire training, students will learn shooting fundamentals and range safety rules. Students will be instructed  on how to shoot in the Isosceles and Fighters Stance position. 

Students will learn how to handle a misfire, hang fire and double feeds. Students will Get to shoot 200 rounds downrange. 

Students will also learn of their continued opportunities for firearm skill development. , and receive a course completion certificate.