Everyday you hear about an horrific murder, rape, robbery and assault. The sad part is the majority of people are not trained or have the skills to neutralize the threat or protect themselves or there loved ones. Our Courses will teach you the skills needed to survive and win the fight. 

Instructional Training Videos

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Live Courses Offered

Concealed Carry Permit Course

You will learn all the requirements and laws to get your concealed weapons permit. We will teach you how to safely handle a firearm and how to use it properly. With the completion of this course you will be able to file for your license with the state of FLORIDA. 

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Basic Pistol Course

The basic pistol course will teach all you need to know about Pistols, how they operate, how to deal with malfunctions, how to clean the firearm, how to grip, shoot, stance and everything in between. 

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Our Right Our Duty Level 1

8 Hours of non stop combatives. This course Teaches Fundamentals of Defensive Tactics, Weapons disarming, Striking, Ground fighting and Situational Awareness. 

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Our Right Our Duty Level 2

3 Day Intensive course that will break down into 5 Parts Situational Awareness, Gear Check, Hand to Hand Combat, Pistol Training and Combat First Aid.  

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Hands Down the Baddest training I have ever got. Sensei Yaniv is the Real Deal

Frank J

The CCW Class was really organized and we learned everything we needed to get our permits

Sara & Mike Smith

The NRA basic pistol course thought me everything I needed to know about a firearm. I feel 100% comfortable carrying now.

Jason V